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MODx Template version 1.0


UPDATE 29 October 2014
No manual install required this template can be installed via the MODx package manager,


  1. Upload the zip package manually, with the FTP client of your choice to the core/packages/ of your MODX Revolution clean installation.
  2. Login to your modx manager and then click System > Package managment.
  3. Click the arrow on the button "Download extra" and then click Search Locally For Packages.
  4. On available package list you will find package named bootstrapblue Click the button install.

This install package is everything you need to make a site look exactly like mine with all MODx files packages and blog if done on a fresh install of Revo 2x.

This bootstrap theme has a Folder called Less in assets/templates/bootstrap/stylesheets so that the theme css can be changed easily from here if your using something like Winless to compile your css.

Click image below to download the transport package 8.8Mb



Before I changed a few things this template started life from this url

Important update 5th feb 2014
I have not yet mentioned what packages are required but anyone with working knowledge of MODx should have all the popular ones installed however if you just want a blog then just install tineMCE as the text editor and also install Articles and your good to go.

In fact a good video on how to set the blog up in 5 mins can now be seen here


Click the image below to download the zip file for the entire template

This download no longer required use the new one near top of this page



This doc presumes the user has MODx installed and has a basic knowledge of MODx such as how to create chunks templates and install packages via package manager. Requires manual install I have no idea how to package this up for direct install via the modx package manager. Much more to come with this as I update it.

Documentation is not one of my strong points I am uploading this file and documentation to help any other non technnical users get up and running with MODx and also for my own future reference. If anyone wants to improve on this feel free that would be great.

Create the following templates and chunks which are in the folders “site chunks” and “site templates” if the text document is called bootstrap.header.txt then whatever that file contains create a chunk/template with exactly the same name as that file name minus the .txt extension.


  • bootstrap.ArticleTemplate

  • bootstrap.container

  • bootstrap.general


  • Bootstrap.Header

  • ResponsiveSlides

  • mainnav (Main navigation chunk)

  • hhinnerTpl (works with the mainnav this adds a class for the sub menu in the <ul>)

  • blog_gallery ( this isused in the getimagelist snippet and works with MIGx only outputs image if the MIGx TV has had an image set in the Resource, requires setup of MIGx)

  • sidebar (Requires the getpage call to be updated for this to work)

  • bootstrap.footer

  • SearchFormTpl2 (Used inside the sidebar for the site search box)

  • productBox1 (Used within the sidebar)

  • bootstrap.ArticleRowTpl (This contains the preview box and info of the blog post on the main blog page, this chunk is set under the blog pages template setting)

  • contact form (This is not needed unless a contact page is required, this is the form and tags for the FormIt package, this can be pasted straight into the document if required or saved as a chunk the called into the document with a chunk call.)

About my file structure

My physical files like the css javascript etc are located in their own folder buried in assets/templates/bootstrap I have included the files used in this template which just requires uploading to their location, to get a very easy gallery working on each page with multifile upload function follow this tutorial

A working demo can be seen here

There is loads more info and files included in the zip file so take a look at that as this page is just a small amount of the info that is in the main zip file.

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