I am updating this page to include spam telephone calls that I receive, even though I am registered with the call preference service these calls keep coming in so I wll now post their phone numbers on here just to make me feel better if nothing else. I always report these to the Telephone Preference service on this link

Here we go with the numbers that I will now add when they call me.

  • 01519091965
  • 02081337146 Accident claim
  • 01273 647939 Rocket Marketing Group EMAIL:
  • 01646467606 some recorded message do not push 5 or 9 when asked





This page will now be a hall of shame all emails and info from them will be posted here so SPAMMERS YOU HAVE BE WARNED I wiill post their info here so email harveting robots can collect any emails that may be working and give them some of their own medicine

Name: Janice Jacobsen



I've helped hundreds of companies increase their traffic....

You can use this link to reply:

latest unwanted spam even bothered to use my 1st name which they would have got from my email address, shame they dont look at my website to see that I dont require these services so the email address of spammers going on my page today is at so please Neil dont send me any more spam I do not require your £150 per month services.

Under here will now be other names and email address of people spamming me with unwanted SEO offers

Name: Ramon Elliot



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