This whole website runs on MODx framework, If you like the design or think its something useful that you can build on for a project of your own this whole theme that you are looking at can be downloaded so feel free to download the transport package and import this site into you own design, if you have a fresh install of modx and you import the package then everything is included like  files, extras packages, images plus all the bits that sit on the server directories like the css Javascript oh it includes the .less files for easier editing of the CSS file and your site will look exactly like this

For more information or download of the modx template package or to give me useful feedback  GO HERE

Quick update one thing you wont get is my gallery thats running on coppermine thats something that I had planned to change more of a project for a rainy day please ignore that

Next Project

I am now going to convert the following to MODx template http://cssjunction.github.io/It-Fits/ a really nice template and should fit into the MODX backend so that all parts of the template can be edited come back in soonish  when the conversion should be complete and the transport package will be ready for installation via the manager I will be converting in my free time live on my my themes site to view the progress where I am at view my MODx theme site here http://themes.manleynet.co.uk/index.php?id=8

Most  Recent site

New MODx site using the latest release of modx, this site has made use of the modx fastfield extra which means every single part of the site can be easily edited by the site owner without any knowledge of MODx chunks this included all content fields site wide in the header footer and sidebar.

This site is http://www.thelashladycolchester.co.uk


Worlds Next Artist

Picture below is by MrHarrison not famous yet but with talent like this he soon will be so this image can be purchased by any offers above £100,000 this is a bargain.

Harrison image

 Server Information

Below are a few little details about this site generated my MODx

0.0100 s - Query Time - Shows how long MODx took talking to the database
28 - Query Count -Shows how many database queries MODX made
0.2850 s - Parse Time - Shows how long MODX took to parse the page
0.2950 s - Total Time - Shows the total time taken to parse/ render the page
cache - Source - Shows the source of page, whether is database or cache.
Database Bytes-routine IP 41. 104.3015‏